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Wing Chun Basics

Learn the movements, positions, and applications of the first of three Wing Chun empty hand forms, Siu Nim Tao. We will work on developing a solid structure and basic sensitivity with close quarter fighting techniques. This workshop is for people who have no experience with Wing Chun or for practitioners who want to increase their understanding of the basics, which is the cornerstone of advanced Wing Chun skill. Taught by Sifu Stephen Elaimy. Limited to 10 participants.

Saturday, Jan 13th, 2018
11am - 4pm

Saturday, March 3rd, 2018
11am - 4pm

Chum Kiu Workshop

Chum Kiu is the second of three open-hand forms of Wing Chun. This workshop is for people who have been working on the first form for at least 6 months and understand the basics of stepping and turning. You will learn and refine the movements and application of this amazing form. In order to begin the second set, the legs and knees must be trained via the first set to be able to put the body weight on one leg. Once the proper body structure from Siu Nim Tao is trained, the student can then learn how to move that structure by turning and stepping. Fundamental rules of stepping, turning, and kicking with body unity while using energy from the ground are developed in this form. Taught by Sifu Stephen Elaimy. Limited to 10 participants.

Saturday, March 17th, 2018
11am - 4pm

Biu Jee Workshop

Saturday, May 5th, 2018
11am - 4pm

Seminar with Master Kenneth Chung

Seattle Wing Chun is hosting another seminar with Master Kenneth Chung. You will not want to miss the experience to train with one of the best and most refined Wing Chun practitioners in the world and the head of our lineage. Kenneth has over 50 years of experience after starting his training with Leung Sheung at the age of 15. Leung Sheung was Ip Man's first student in Hong Kong. He will demonstrate many Wing Chun techniques and concepts to help you understand the high-level position, structure, sensitive, and fighting skill we are working to achieve.

Please check back soon for 2018 workshop dates.